How Demolition Crews Ensure That an Implosion Doesn’t Endanger Surrounding Structures

There is a risk that a demolished structure may damage surrounding buildings as it collapses. This risk is greater in congested urban settings. This article discusses the steps that demolition companies may take to ensure that the building collapses into its own foundation. Use this information to allay any fears that you may have about having your high-rise building demolished using explosives.

Examining Architectural Prints

Demolition companies take a close look at the building's plans before using explosives to demolish it. These architectural prints provide valuable information about the building's vulnerabilities. Using the prints, the demolition company will be able to identify where all the support columns are located in the structure. This information helps them to choose which sections of the building they should focus on while laying the explosives. For instance, the explosives in the middle columns can be set off first. This makes the outer sections of your building collapse inwards. This prevents any sections from damaging buildings close to your building.

Touring the Building

Demolition companies also send staff to tour a building before using explosives to demolish it. The crew makes extensive notes about the different support structures that they find on each floor of the building. Those notes help them to determine the volume of explosives to use in order to bring down that section of the building. For instance, they may discover that a given column was reinforced with extra rebar after it cracked. That discovery will enable them to set more explosives in that column so that nothing stops the building from collapsing inwards.

Draping the Structure in Nets

Oftentimes, the greatest amount of damage to neighboring buildings can come from pieces of flying debris, rather than from huge sections of the building falling on a nearby structure. Demolition contractors can wrap sections of the building (such as the walls of the different floors of the building) in nets so that debris is prevented from flying away from the demolition site. Those nets may also be used to contain the dust generated during the implosion.

As you can see, demolition contractors have many means at their disposal to ensure that an imploding building will not damage any buildings nearby. You should therefore have no fears that you will be entangled in a liability suit when a demolition occurs. Besides, demolition companies normally have insurance to take care of any eventualities as they do their work.

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